A Windows based FTP server with focus on clever Active Directory integration and powerful, effortless administration.

Active Directory Integration

With clever integration, accounts or groups in zFTPServer can be connected to Windows or AD accounts or groups. You can specify default or specific settings for all users belonging to a Windows or AD group. Windows account impersonation effectively makes all Windows access rights and security restrictions apply seamlessly.

Easy Remote Administration

The server and the administrative interface are separated into two applications. Connect to your zFTPServer and configure or administrate it securely from anywhere in the world!

Full-fledged Integration Server

Powerful account management together with reactive and proactive scripting and virtual users makes zFTPserver a fully-fledged integration server. You can have zFTPserver automatically test data integrity, import data into the business system, notify the controller when branch offices upload the latest sales figures and verify virtual users with any system.

Reactive and Proactive Scripting

zFTPServer enforces user scriptable rules and policies such as virus checks on uploaded files, automatic transformations between file formats and notifications on special events. Specify before action-scripts that limits access based on e.g. date/time, downloaded files or even information stored in external databases.

zFTPserver uses the FTP, SFTP, FTPS, TFTP and HTTPS protocols. You can for example turn off FTP and only allow SFTP connections if you wish! zFTPServer also supports security certificates, strong encryption and IPv6.

Additionally, with public/private key authentication you can automate logins and set up an entirely different level of security!

For the past 10 years zFTPserver has been downloaded over 3 million times from more than 150 countries in 6 continents.[Testimonials]

"We have converted from a competitor's ftp server program, not only have we saved money, but we have deployed a superior product. zFTPServer is easy to setup and administer and consumes less system resources than any other competitive product."
Kurt Stoffer, WeGotYourBackup.com

"Teradyne sells automated functional test equipment for both commercial and aerospace applications. The zFTPServer is used to provide data to the module under test."
Gerald Nagle, Teradyne, Inc.

"We had a customer that needed a flexible and easy to manage FTP server, zFTPServer Suite was absolutely perfect. The customer is happy, we are happy."
Chris Terry, Nextshore LLC

"As a web developer I have used it as a personal ftp server to have graphic designers get files to my local machine. Really intuitive and easy to use, a very convenient and quick solution to FTP. Thanks!"
Cito Giulini, web101dev

"Fast change of group memberships and the opportunity to use virtual directories. ...there is not another product for windows."
Juergen, ERF

"In Russia company's rarely pay's for software, but I go to our chef and say: we need to buy this."
Michail Okounev, MOSSHTAB